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1-Click Instant Recovery

Quorum onQ appliance was engineered from the ground up to provide enterprise level Disaster Recovery Solution without the complexity or cost of traditional solutions. onQ One-Click Recovery puts all of your applications and data back online within minutes of a storage, system or an entire site failure. Deploy onQ to meet your needs—locally for High Availability (HA), remotely for Disaster Recovery or both as well as Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution.



A scalable hardware appliance, virtual machine, or a cloud service (DRaaS), onQ can be easily configured to fit your needs.



Our product is the fastest on the market, and with 1-click instant recovery we get you back up and running - instantly!



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Keeping Your Business Safe from Disaster

At Quorum, we know that every business is only as strong as its data is safe, and that even a minor disaster can spell trouble. Our suite of products are designed to make sure that you maintain data security and business continuity even in the face of a disaster. Speedy, efficient, and comprehensive recovery are vital to you, and our award-winning and patented Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) systems make you have them. Quorum products handle testing, data security, and disaster recovery. Our business is keeping your business open no matter what the circumstances, and our suite of products do just that. Find out which Quorum products are best for you!

Quorum onQ transparently maintains ready-to-run up-to-date virtual machine clones of your servers with all of their operating systems, applications and data. Each appliance can do it all:

One Simple Interface

  • single view of entire environment
  • heat map identifies problems quickly
  • customize console with tagging and workflows
  • troubleshoot faster with central logging

Quorum got you covered on what you need

onQ Flex


Quorum® onQ® is the global leader in 1-click instant recovery, providing full immediate recovery of your critical systems after any storage, system or site failure. It does this by automatically maintaining up-to-date, ready-to-run virtual machine clones of your physical and virtual servers stored on a dedicated appliance – clones that will transparently take over for failed servers within minutes.

onQ Appliances

onQ Physical Appliance

Quorum’s patented onQ technology is the beating heart of all Quorum solutions: high availability (HA), disaster recovery (DR), and private cloud disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). Regardless of the protection model you choose, an onQ hardware appliance will be deployed in your local datacenter to act as the High Availability Appliance. If you decide to use onQ in the DR configuration, a second onQ Disaster Recovery Appliance will be deployed at your DR site.

private cloud draas

Private Cloud DRaas

Quorum’s exclusive onQ private cloud DRaaS provides a unique way to recover critical applications and data directly from the cloud after any storage, systems or site failure. Simply boot up the snapshot and run directly from the Quorum Cloud.

cloud to cloud

Cloud to Cloud Backup and Recovery

Quorum's Cloud to Cloud Backup and Recovery solution backs up daily changes in your SaaS apps and cloud storage solutions and make them available for restore or export at any time. Backing up and restoring your data only takes one click.