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Quorum onQ Archive Vault
Create Long Term Archived Backups of Your Critical Data Within Minutes

Quorum onQ Archive Vault

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Quorum onQ Archive Vault provides customers with the ability to create long term archive backup of their critical data. The Archive Vault solution assists organizations with compliance needs as well as increasing operational efficiency, mitigating risks and enables litigation readiness. The Archive Vault solution is an extention to our award winning and patented onQ High Availability solution that provides everything you need for immediate One-Click Recovery of all your critical systems after any storage, system or site failure. The onQ solution maintains up-to-date ready-to-run virtual machine clones of your critical systems that can run right on the appliance, transparently taking over for failed servers within minutes.

Archive Vault Environment
Archive Vault Environment

Comprehensive Solution

As an add-on to onQ, customers benefit from onQ's High Availability and Disaster Recovery capabilities as well as long term backup and retention.


A single instance of the Quorum onQ Archive Vault can be extended to more than 200 TBs across 8 disks storage modules. It is possible to have multiple instances of the Archive Vault, thus allowing unlimited growth potential.

Ease of Use

Quorum onQ Archive Vault appliance can seamlessly pull backups from onQ. Archive Vault can be configured locally and/or remotely to create a repository that is off-site for reliable disaster recovery capabilities.


Major Features:

  • Virtually unlimited growth potential
  • Leverages High Availability (HA) & Disaster Recovery(DR) compute resources, lowering cost & U space
  • Multiple HA & DR tenants/appliances can access a single AV
  • Retains customer data de-dup in the archive repository
  • Selectable level of redundancy. HA only, DR only, HA & DR
  • Archive repository data encryption of the archive repository
  • Supports multi-tenant installations

Hardware Features:

  • 2U 12-drive add-on storage module to the onQ HA and/or DR appliance
  • Supports hardware alerting
  • Supports "spin-down" of unused disk drives to conserve energy
  • Supports hot-swap disk drives and RAID-6 configuration for extra reliability
  • Utilizes a NV-CACHE battery-backed disk controller to protect data during unexpected power outages
  • Utilizes redundant power supplies

Scheduling Features:

  • Allows for scheudling of archive backups on monthly, quarterly, and year schedules, with appropriate expiration
  • Maximum yearly retention is unlimited
  • Daily and weekly backups will reside in the existing onQ repository


Archive Vault Storage Module

Part Number AV-SM-5 AV-SM-11 AV-SM-20 AV-SM-28
Form Factor 2U Rack; 4 Drives 2U Rack; 6 Drives 2U Rack; 9 Drives 2U Rack; 12 Drives
Usable GB 5,500 11,175 19,500 27,900

An Archive Storage Module can be attached to both HA and DR onQ Appliances


Download the Quorum onQ Archive Vault Datasheet (PDF).