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Quorum® onQ® is the global leader in 1-click instant recovery


High speed Backup and Recovery for Business


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Quorum onQ: now faster than ever

Quorum® onQ® is the global leader in 1-click instant recovery, providing full immediate recovery of your critical systems after any storage, system or site failure. It does this by automatically maintaining up-to-date, ready-to-run virtual machine clones of your physical and virtual servers stored on a dedicated appliance – clones that will transparently take over for failed servers within minutes.

What sets us apart from the competition?

  • 1-click recovery to any point in time
  • Automated recovery testing
  • HA Anywhere architecture

One product with incredible value

onQ is packed with features that would require multiple products from other vendors. onQ is quick to install and configure and easy to use. Check out all of these features!

instant recovery


Recover any failed server with one click in our browser interface. Our virtual machine clones of your production servers are always up to date and ready to run.

instant recovery

Policy-based migration and long term storage of virtually unlimited de-duplicated data that must be maintained for extended periods.

instant recovery

Every time we snapshot a server we start it up, to guarantee that it will be usable when needed.

instant recovery

OnQ takes a full backup of the server image, applications and data, and then executes incremental backups at a user defined frequency – as often as every 15 minutes.

instant recovery

Our fully isolated sandbox environment allows for patch testing, upgrades and configuration changes before moving into production.

instant recovery

Deduplication occurs twice, once at the source and once at the repository, thereby reducing storage and network bandwidth requirements.

instant recovery

OnQ offers a range of failback options from bare metal restore to incremental failback. You can failback to similar or different hardware, from physical to virtual, virtual to virtual, or virtual to physical hardware.

instant recovery

OnQ offers a range of failback options from bare metal restore to incremental failback. You can failback to similar or different hardware, from physical to virtual, virtual to virtual, or virtual to physical hardware.


Maximum Flexibility

Our flexible "HA Anywhere" architecture means we use the best technology for the applications and data you are trying to protect. Our private Cloud technology represents the best combination of performance and value, and we can supplement our cloud services with local and remote appliances to fit any business need.

product cloud

Direct to Cloud (D2C) uses a secure VPN tunnel to provide HA and DR directly from the Quorum private cloud. All data is fully encrypted in motion and at rest, so you know your data is protected at all times. Our D2C architecture provides the best combination of security and performance for customers who are moving more of their IT resources to the cloud. For some high transaction applications, and for organizations that want the security of local HA, an onQ local appliance can be configured to take snapshots which are then streamed to the Quorum cloud. This architecture has the highest performance yet still leverages the Quorum cloud for DR and archiving.


onQ Local utilizes a physical appliance or a virtual machine located onsite to provide high availability and 1-click recovery to any point in time. Snapshots of protected servers are taken at user defined intervals, and all data is encrypted both in motion and at rest. In the event of a failure, the snapshot is booted and run from the local appliance, providing the fastest recovery in the industry. onQ local is ideally suited to high transaction volume servers or for customers how may want to keep all of their data protected onsite.

product cloud
product cloud

onQ remote utilizes a second onQ appliance located at a remote site and configured for DR. Compressed, encrypted data is sent from the local onQ at user defined intervals. In the event of a site-wide failure, copies of your protected servers can be booted up in the remote location to keep your business going. Replication can be configured in a variety of ways to allow for multiple DR sites.


Need more? Meet Vault

Require longer retention periods due to HIPAA, PCI or e-discovery requirements?

Archive vault environment

onQ Archive Vault provides virtually unlimited storage potential. onQ Archive Vault leverages the compute resources of the onQ Appliance to reduce deployment cost and load on your production servers. Maximum retention is virtually unlimited, and archive backups can be scheduled weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.



Relying solely on prevention to avoid Ransomware is only a partial solution. So how should you protect yourself? That can be a tricky question. IT admins will want to build a wall around their systems in the form of a next gen firewall, IPS, host/server antivirus, access controls, etc. There are multiple ‘defense in depth’ guides you can follow.

These defense in-depth guides do a great a job preventing known threat signatures and behaviors. But what happens when an ill-advised user circumvents your security barriers? Or when that zero-day ransomware exploit makes its way inside your system?

That's where onQ comes in. It's hardened appliance hardware and encrypted snapshots can immediately boot a snapshot of your production servers in the event of an infection. Our scalable hardware is designed to deliver the same levels of workload performance as your production systems, to seamlessly take over for the compromised server. onQ gives you the time to you need to clean the infected server and get it back online.

last line of defense


This is a typical HA configuration including onQ Archive Vault for long term retention. In this example, three critical servers (SQL, Exchange and Linux) are protected by a single onQ appliance which is monitored and managed by our web based administration portal.


When deploying onQ in a DR configuration, in addition to the local onQ HA appliance, a second onQ appliance must be deployed at the organization’s DR location. Changes to locally protected servers (data, applications, and server images) captured by onQ HA are first deduplicated, and then replicated to the onQ DR or DRaaS appliance at the secondary location.


An onQ DRaaS deployment resembles an onQ DR deployment in some ways. But instead of deploying a second onQ appliance at an organization’s own DR site, they choose to leverage the Quorum Cloud. Server, application and data changes captured by the locally deployed onQ HA appliance are encrypted and replicated to the onQ appliance in the Quorum Cloud.


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